Peer Review

Every manuscript received is reviewed by the writing guidelines and instructions of KSNVE. With editing team’s decision, three peer reviewers are selected. The editorial director should ask a review to selected reviewers in 10 days from application date. The editing team takes responsibility for all general matters on peer review. If two reviewers among the selected do agree to accept the journal, review process ends.

  1. - The reviewer’s name should not be disclosed during review process. If reviewers ask for exception, it might be accepted only under the editing team’s decision.
  2. - If it is necessary during review process, authors and reviewers can exchange opinions on the intervention of the editing team.
  3. - The period of review is two weeks. If it is over two weeks, reviewers get the first reminder. And if review is not finished over four weeks, another reviewer would be selected.
  4. - It may not be considered for publication, if the manuscript required for correction is not sending back in one month from the date of transmission.
  5. - If the author of the unaccepted manuscript requires review again, it cannot be accepted.